15 June 2010

An Incredible Photo Restoration

The guys over at Legacy Family Tree News Blog posted a before and after example of the photo restoration done for them by Miles at 399retouch.com and I was so blown away I had to submit one of my own.

This is a picture of Mattie Mae Needham (1884-1938) with her parents Arthur Herrick Needham (1831-1921) and Camilla Elizabeth Needham (nee. Porter, 1844-1910).  Mattie was born in 1884, so I date this picture circa 1895.  Mattie was my Dad's mother, and my grandmother.  Arthur and Camilla were therefore my Dad's maternal grandparents, and my great-grandparents.  This is the picture before the restoration done by 399retouch.com --

And here is the picture after the restoration by 399retouch.com --

The difference absolutely blows me away!  Miles not only fixed the damage to the photo, but he brought my ancestors to life!  Click on the pictures to blow them up to larger size.  Look at the details, the cut of the ladies' dresses, the wear on their hands.  My wife said "those are working hands."  Unreal.

Anyway, the price was fair for the work done, and the feeling the results gave me.  If I need anymore pictures restored, I would definitely give Miles first crack at it.

Copyright © 2010 by Kevin W. Walker

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