22 February 2011

Maria Gertrude (Homberg) Hense (1836-1880)

From The Baggott Family: A Family History (self-published, 2002) by Bert and Joan Donlon --
Frank Hense, born in Prussia in 1820, married Maria Gertrude Homberg, born in 1836, on April 15, 1852 in Adams County, Illinois.  Frank was 32 and Gertrude was 16.  They lived in Hersman, Brown County, Illinois where Frank owned the Lillian Flour Mill.  Hersman is located about three miles southeast of Mt. Sterling on State Highway 99.  Frank and Gertrude had 17 children, five of whom died as infants or in early childhood.  Records from a family Bible indicate that Gertrude died 12 days after the birth of her 17th child.  Gertrude was 44 years old.  Our family has Gertrude's prayer book as our only remembrance.
Gertrude is my wife's great-great-grandmother along her purely maternal line (Gertrude Homberg Hense --> Edith Hense Baggott --> Helen Marie Baggott Frank --> Living Casattas --> Sherri Casattas Walker).  If we were to test Sherri's Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) it would establish a direct link to Gertrude.

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