04 September 2014

I am a new Grandfather: Birth of Anna Rose Walker

Sometimes I am not sure of this blog.  Is it genealogy or family history?  If I err, if it is indeed an error, then it will be to the side of family history.  If I can post about the death of my daughter-in-law three months ago I can post about the birth of my first grandchild.

Born August 31, little Anna Rose Walker. Seven pounds and six ounces of health.  Mother is also doing fine.

Welcome into the world little one.  I already find you beautiful.  I already love you.

I am going to write you often before you even know how to read, then when you are old enough to be interested I will share.  I want to tell you some things about where you came from and what you came into.  I want you to have joy, hope, and faith.  I am not worried about you having love.  I know your family.

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