13 April 2015

Brothers Israel W. Hall (1799-1865) and Jeremiah S. Hall (1809-1888)

From page 11 of Danvers, Illinois community history, 1987 (Danvers, IL: Danvers Historical Society, 1987) (click on the images to enlarge) -- 

    Israel W. Hall was born February 5, 1799 in Salem, New Hampshire, the son of Joseph and Hester Woodbury Hall, both of English descent.  Israel was a shoemaker by trade.  he came to Illinois in 1834 by way of Detroit, Michigan settling where Danvers now exists.  In 1836 he and Matthew Robb laid off the town of Concord which later became Danvers.  He was a justice of the peace and also the first postmaster of the village.  He was a member of the Methodist Church, his home being used as a church for fifteen years.
    Mr. Hall married Polly Stickney in Salem, New Hampshire on April 27, 1834.  There were three children, Alice, wife of Jacob McClure, Otis W. Hall, and Cynthia H., widow of Thomas C. Dodge, then wife of John R. Morrison.
    Mr. and Mrs. Israel Hall are buried in Stouts Grove Cemetery, Mr. Hall dying in 1865 and Mrs. Hall in 1888. 
    Jeremiah S. Hall, a brother of Israel Hall was born April 21, 1809 in Salem, New Hampshire.  When seventeen he went to Boston to learn the brick layers trade.  He worked in various towns in New England before bringing his family into Illinois in 1834.
    Jeremiah was married in 1832 to Miss Jane Combs of  Nashua, New Hampshire.  They were the parents of five children.
    Jeremiah was among the first to successfully establish a prairie farm in the Danvers area rather than from timber land.
    Jeremiah's wife died in 1874 and he died in 1888.  Both are buries in Stouts Grove Cemetery.
Jeremiah Smith Hall was my 3xg-grandfather and his brother Israel was quite obviously my 3xg-granduncle.  In terms of Danvers history, Israel is considered a "founder" and Jeremiah an "early settler."

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  1. My Great Great Grandfather was Asa Hall. He must have been a cousin of Israel Hall. If anyone has the connection please let me know at AtoZgenie@msn.com. Thank you

    1. It would depend which "Asa Hall?" These families have the habit of naming their children after ancestors and relatives. Israel and Jeremiah had a brother Asa who was born in 1802.

    2. You're right they do. Very hard to keep people separated. My Asa was born 6/8/1800 in WV and died in Danvers 10/31/1858. He must have had a reason to move away from his family, but I can't find a Jeremiah or and Israel in any of his cousins or brothers. His daughter Alcinda "Alice moved to Bloomington in 1863 and married a Denning. So there had to a connection somewhere along the line. Constant mystery trying to find connections. According to recent inquiries he isn't listed as being buried at Stout Grove cemetery, but he is there on FindAGrave.com. I've had an email address change. If you want to contact me, please do so at AtoZgenie@msn.com. Thank you for your assistance.