27 July 2010

Tombstone Tuesday: Norman (1921-1922) and Kenneth (1923-1923) Walker -- Baby Uncles

When I was growing up it kind of creeped me out to hear my father talk about his brothers Norman and Kenneth who died as infants, long before he was ever born.  But they were his brothers, and they should not be begrudged that fact, just as they are my uncles.  Doing genealogy, researching my family tree has been therapeutic for me.  I have increased my understanding, and thereby my emotions have evolved.

My Dad says he did not even know about these two brothers until his early-teens, and they were really only ever spoken about at funerals.  The marker is in the Dix Cemetery, Dix, Nebraska.  Norman was nine months old when he died, and Kenneth died the same day he was born.  My Dad no longer remembers how they passed.  Will I ever learn?  Possibly.  But since I am just starting my serious research, the focus is on direct ancestors first.

Thanks to user custer1963 on FindaGrave.com for taking the picture for me.

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