10 March 2011

Cyrus D. Ward (1788-1873) War of 1812 Record

"Record of Cyrus Ward" from  U.S. Army, Register of Enlistments, 1798-1914 --
No.: 550
Name: Ward Cyrus
Rank: Pvt 
Regiment: 17 USI ["U.S. Infantry"]
Company Commander: Capt. Bradford
Height: 5'8"
Eyes: Blue black
Hair: dark brown
Age: 24/25
Complexion: dark
Occupation: farmer
Where Born: Chatham, Morris, New Jersey
Enlistment When: March 24, 1813
Enlistment Where: [blank]
Enlistment By Whom: [illegible]
Enlistment Period: 5 years
Remarks: [Identical to Below]
From Records of Officers and Men of New Jersey in Wars, 1791-1815 --
Ward, Cyrus -- Private, Capt. Benjamin Watson's Company; enlisted, March 24, '13, for five years; promoted Sergt., Feb. 28, '15; transferred with Capt. Benjamin Watson's Company to 6th Infantry, Aug. 31, '15; reduced to private, March 9, '17; promoted Sergt., Dec. 11, '17; discharged at Plattsburgh, N.Y., March 24, '18, expiration of service.
Cyrus D. Ward was my g-g-g-grandfather by way of my g-grandmother Lucy (Chesley) Walker and her mother Phoebe (Ward) Chesley.

I was finding it brutal to get info on Cyrus Ward and his family.  But the above disclosed his birthplace which should help tremendously.

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  1. Playing around with genealogy after many years doing nothing on it. I go back to Cyrus D Ward via son Luman F Eard (brother of Phoebe Ward).. found earlier in the day that Cyrus D Ward was born in NJ, but getting the city should be a big help.