15 March 2011

Norman Dutton (1810-1889) and the Underground Railroad

From the Early History of Washington, Illinois and Vicinity (Tazewell County Reporter: Washington, IL  1922) --
The early settlers of this county, although mainly from
the southern or slave states, entertained a deep-seated prejudice
against the Negro, for which it is hard for us to account
at the present day.
The depot masters and conductors on the "under ground
railroad" from Elm Grove to Crow Creek were Josiah
Matthews, Lawyer Briggs, Absalom Dillon, Johnson Sommers,
William Woodrow, Anthony Field, Deacon and Willard
Gray, Uriah H. Crosby, Daniel Roberts and sons John M.,
Ambrose, Darius and Walter, Seth, Billings and Elijah Lewis,
George, Channey and Charles Crandle; Orin M. Bartlett,
James Patterson and J. Randolph Scott, Parker, Mark and
Levi Morse; George Kern and sons John, George and Andrew;
Norman Dutton, the Work brothers and Wilham Lewis.
Nathaniel Smith and Moses Pettingill of Peoria proved their
faith by their works.
-- This is just one of several citations I have ran into so far documenting Norman Dutton's activity in the "Underground Railroad."  More to come, especially about this astounding man.

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