28 March 2014

Speaking of Brick Walls........

I was reading a history book about Custer County, Nebraska in the 1850s, and there was a story in there about a pair of outlaws who got lynched and the sheriff found their bodies hanging from a tree.  No known identities, to this day.  I would suggest their descendents, if they had any, must have hit a brick wall in their research.  An almost impossible one to reconcile.

As has been chronicled here in this blog my great-great-grandfather Henry Martin Walker, Sr. was killed in a train accident during the Civil War.  Where are his remains?  Was he vaporized?  Did they bury him at the site of the accident or a nearby cemetery (possible, but not likely since he was Union and it was Confederate territory)?  Did they take his remains back to New Orleans where a national veterans cemetery was being formed at the time?  I have searched the records with no luck.  THAT is my brick wall.

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