30 March 2014

"Thank You!" Does Not Express it Enough

From the Thursday, May 10, 2012 issue of The Arnold Sentinel newspaper --

Students/Sponsors Clean Up Neglected Cemetery
On May 3, students in grades 6-12 from Arnold Public School spent a good portion of the day sprucing up the Lower Powell Canyon Cemetery, east of Arnold, to prepare for the Memorial Day weekend.   
The cemetery has been in need of care for some time, and in lieu of a community clean up, Mr. Clay Mohr proposed this project to Mrs. Lewis earlier this spring.  Mr. Mohr said it has been at least 10 years since the cemetery received any attention.  First called Rosebud Cemetery for the wild roses growing there, the last burial there was in the 1960s. 
Mr. Mohr and Mitch and Lisa Geiser went out ahead of the kids and did some of the more hazardous prep work. Students’ families donated the use of equipment to make sure the job was done well. They spent time mowing, trimming, picking up branches, etc., to help beautify the cemetery for the families who will be visiting. 
“Projects such as this help the students develop a sense of responsibility and pride in their community. They enjoy Home-based Business Moves Downtown spending time working outdoors, and even more importantly, they enjoy the feeling that they are making a difference in their community,” principal Dawn Lewis said of the project.

-- This cemetery is very near and dear to me.  I have six relatives and ancestors buried there including my g-grandmother Lucy Chesley, and both her parents my gg-grandfather Charles H. Chesley and gg-grandmother Phoebe (Ward) Chesley.

I immediately sent out an email to both the principal Mrs. Lewis and instructor Mr. Mohr thanking them and offering to return the favor if ever I am able to.

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