31 May 2015

His Fifteen Minutes of Fame? James Gurwell (1834-1926)

From the February 23, 1908 issue of The Topeka (KS) Daily Capital -- 
There is a tradition that a great battle between the Sac and Foxes and Pawnees was fought on Wolf river, near where Severance now stands, in 1844. James Gurwell, of Highland Station, settled in Missouri, opposite the mouth of Wolf river, in 1838 and frequently hunted deer in what is now Doniphan county, during the '40s. He says, he was within hearing distance of the Indian battle when it was fought.
This long history article on the Wolf River in Doniphan County, KS was written by the noted historian George Remsburg whose papers are on file with the Kansas Historical Society.  They say George Remsburg "was a nationally known authority on the history and archaeological study of Indians in northeastern Kansas and northwest Missouri, as well as a noted author and journalist."

Quite a feat being quoted by such an authority!  And I have seen the story of James Gurwell's recollection in other published works too.

The article itself is interesting reading, you only need to click on the pics to enlarge.

James G. Gurwell was my 2xg-grandfather on my mother's paternal side.

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