19 May 2015

Passport Application for Marya Catherine (Casattas) Sivatoff, 1893-1970

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     Marya Catherine Casattas a native of the United States, born in San Francisco California on the 6th of January 1896.  Father Peter Casattas born in Greece, now deceased April 23, 1917, migrated from Greece, resided in the United States for 26 years from 1891 to 1917 in San Francisco, was naturalized in San Francisco.
     Marya has never lived outside the U.S., permanently resides in San Francisco, and works as a singer.  Plans to be gone only six months to Puerto Rico and Santa Domingo, working as a theatrical entertainer.  She will leave the port of New York, aboard the S.S. Caracas on February 19, 1919.  She has never had a passport before.  She swears an oath of allegiance.

Age: 23 years                 Mouth: large                            Stature: 5 feet 3 inches
Chin: round                    Forehead: medium                    Hair: brown
Eyes: Brown                  Complexion: dark                     Nose: Medium
Face: Oval                     Distinguishing marks: none

     Identifying witness Elinor Mary Cronin, resident of San Francisco, has known Marya for five years.  Elinor is also a singer and works on Broadway in New York.
     Marya requests passport sent to her c/o Mr. Odierno, 124 W. 41st St, New York.
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Marya Catherine Casattas was my wife's grand-aunt.

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