23 July 2015

Dutton Letters, Part 4: Uncle Harvey Checks In

Springfield, Mo                      Feb. 8, 1923
Mrs. Effie Kern
Eureka, Ill.
Dear Niece -- Yes, I find it much easier to put off writing than to get right down to business.  Then I have been somewhat Handicapped with a sore eye for a couple weeks but eyes are alright again.
Glad to get your letter also one from Roberta a few days later indicating that her sprained fingers did not prove serious.  Hurrah for Scoville.  Hope his success will prove an incentive to renewed effort.  We have had a remarkable winter so far.  Not a bit of snow until Sunday morning Feb 5 and then just a little flurry but the temperature dropped to 5 above Monday night. 3 or 4 inches of snow fell but it is almost gone now.  Today is bright sunshine.  Temp now 11 a.m. 42 in the shade north side of house.
Folks all well as usual.  I am gaining very slowly.  Manage to get around the house without cane or crutch but cannot go up or down steps without help of cane or crutches.  I take a little outdoor exercise every a.m. and p.m. & am truly thankful that the weather has been such that I could do so.  Have just come in from a trip around the block.
I think I shall have to ask you to excuse a short letter this time as I wish to write to Roberta while the "spell" is on.  Hope you will write again soon.  Can you give me Madge's address?
Sincerely yours
H.J. Dutton 

Harvey James Dutton (1836-1928) was 87 when this letter was written,  Sounds to me like the elderly gentleman had decided to sit down and catch up on his letter-writing.  Effie (Ricketts) Kern was Harvey's niece by way of his sister Laura Ella (Dutton) Ricketts.  Roberta (Kern) age 17 and Scoville (Kern) age 15 were Effie's daughter and son.  We have determined "Madge" is Margaret Owen, Effie's cousin, and Harvey's niece by way of his late sister Julia Owen.

Tomorrow we continue with the chronicles of the Dutton Letters with an absolutely great letter where Harvey gives us a peek into his head writing about religion and politics to his Catholic nephew.  Stay tuned.

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