25 July 2015

Dutton Letters, part 6: The Death of Harvey Dutton

This is a letter from Harvey James Dutton's daughter Norma (Dutton) Mack to her cousin Effie Mae (Ricketts) Kern -- 
Springfield, Mo.
Jan 27, 1928 
Dear Cousin Effie,
     I received your letter and what a comfort it is to know wherever Papa went he was loved and respected by all.  I have had such nice letters from his friends in Zephyrhills.
     It was a shock to us when we got the telegram of his death as Gertrude had a letter that was written on Saturday and he was just fine and having such a good time for the weather had been good all fall.  On Sat. he ate something that did not agree with him but on Mon. he wrote to Rowena and said that he felt a little sick on Sat. but was all right on Monday.  When he wrote Tuesday afternoon he (papa) walked 5 blocks and played dominoes all afternoon went back to the hotel ate a hearty supper and went calling in the evening.  That night took a couple of pills went to bed but had to get up before day to go to toilet--but was the first one of the boarders out to breakfast--he said he did not want anything to eat--but wanted his cup of hot water (which he always had) said he had a pain in his left side.  Mrs. Hart (the Hotel Lady) said she would get the hot water bottle.  Papa got up form the table started for the reception hall went about three steps and fell dead.   They picked him up but he was gone.
     Write again and I will answer.
And so the great man dies.  He body was returned to Springfield, Missouri, and Hazelwood cemetery next to his wife and sister.  Click here to see his FindaGrave Memorial.  His newspaper death announcement and obituary are here.  There are many, many other posts on this blog about the great man.

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