18 April 2011

Amanuensis Monday: Obituary for Louisa L. (Dutton) Walker Easterling (1833-1913)

This is my latest big score.  It is impossible for me to express how badly I wanted this obituary!  Louisa was my g-g-grandmother along my pure paternal line (me <-- living Walker <-- Keith G. Walker <-- Henry M. Walker, Jr. <-- Louisa (Dutton) Walker).  The obituary did not answer all my questions about my g-g-grandmother Louisa, but it answered some of them.  Most of all it confirmed where she died -- Farina, Illinois.  Without further adieu, first the death announcement published Thursday, 13 March 1913, in the Farina (IL) News -- 
Grandma Easterling was found dead in bed at her house in the west part of town Thursday morning.  Justice of the Peace Rauckman held an inquest over the body.  the verdict was heart failure.  Funeral was held Saturday afternoon at the residence conducted by Rev. J. W. Hornbeck, her former pastor.
 Now the obituary, published one week later, Thursday, 20 March 1913, in the Farina (IL) News --
Louisa Lorana Dutton was born April 20th, 1883 and was united in marriage with Henry M. Walker Nov. 6th 1855.  He enlisted as private in Company A 33 regiment of Ill., Infantry, and was killed March 2, 1865.  To this union were born three children -- Letta A. Clarke of Farina, L.C. Walker of Cooksville, and Henry M. Walker of Lauder, Wyoming; all of who still survive her.  Besides these are eleven grandchildren and six great-grandchildren also two brothers and one sister, Samuel Dutton, living in Idaho; Capt. H.J. Dutton in Florida, and Mrs. Julia Owens of Colorado Springs, Colorado.  During her residence in Kansas she was married to Jas. Easterling a veteran in the Civil war, he preceding her in death January 25th 1897.  to this union no children were born.  In 1897 she moved to Farina where she has lived until her death at her home, March 6th 1913.  Her age being 79 years, 10 months, 19 days.
In early life she gave herself to God ever since living a conscientious Christian life.  She first united with the Congregational church from which she joined with the Christian Faith, and after moving to Farina in the absence of this Christian church she joined with the Presbyterian Oct. 31, 1897 in which church she has ever since worked with earnest Christian zeal.  She was also a member of the W.C.T.U.
Our dear mother and sister; now we will miss her but the angel of death has come and carried her home to the realms of bliss where no sorrow, no pain can come.  Just inside the Eastern Gate waiting to welcome the heart-broken children and relatives home.  She has set the beautiful gates ajar and she can not come again to us but we can go to her, who will be watching and waiting for us.
We extend our sympathy to the relatives and friends.
Rev. J. W Hornbeck
Factual errors: Birthdate does not match what I have, off by four days; Son listed as "L.C. Walker" in fact should read "S.C. Walker."

Observations: Referred to in the local paper as "grandma" could express popular familiarity.  I did not have as residences S.C. Walker in Cooksville, Samuel Dutton in Idaho, or especially Harvey Dutton in Florida.  We suspected the Henry Walker in Wyoming in the 1910 census was our Henry, now we know it was him.  We did not know her sister Julia was still alive in 1913!  The obit makes no mention of her very first husband Smith or her brief marriage to her third husband Mantle.  Of course she was a member of the W.C.T.U., Mantle was a drunk who beat her up!  My biggest disappointment is no mention of where she is buried.

Follow the trail:  Confirm above previously unknown residences for said relatives; Seek inquest documentation; Seek help from Fayette county research experts on possible cemeteries; Research Henry in Wyoming; Research Julia (Dutton) Owens.

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  1. Kevin, I am enjoying your blog immensely but I am dying of curiosity to know how we are related. My guess would be Seth Walker from Indiana, but your trees include WV relatives so I am confused. My wish would be you were from my missing Seth Walker from Iowa but he was a young adult in the CW like your Henry. Great find on the obit! Love your story telling!