15 April 2011

Capt. Harvey J. Dutton (1836-1928) -- University Graduate

This man's life keeps impressing me!  From THE ILLINOIS STATE NORMAL UNIVERSITY ALUMNI REGISTRY 1860-1882, as reported in  A History of the Illinois State Normal University by John W. Cook and James V. McHugh (Illinois: Normal, 1882) --
18. Harvey J. Dutton entered the Thirty-Third Regiment immediately after graduation, and remained four years, becoming captain before the close of the war. On his return to Illinois he commenced farming, and removed to Missouri in 1860, where he had purchased a farm. He has taught from four to six mouths each winter for nine successive winters. In August, 1866, he was married to Louise V. Brinsden. They have four children—three girls and one boy. His address is Virgil City, Missouri.
Harvey was my g-g-grandmother Louisa (Dutton) Walker's brother. [Me <-- Living Walker <-- Keith G. Walker <-- Henry Martin Walker, Jr. <-- Louisa (Dutton) Walker]

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