07 April 2011

Notable Descendants of Capt. Samuel Walker (1615-1684)

My DNA testing has confirmed that I am a member of the Walker surname group that are descendants of Captain Samuel Walker (1615-1684), resident of Exeter, N. H. (1637); Reading, Mass. (1645); Woburn, Mass. (1654).  The group's website is HERE.  I thought it was worth pointing out something interesting and neat from the first page --

This Walker family tree includes the following notable descendants:
Rev. James7 Walker, (1794-1874); Minister and Rel. Philosopher; President of Harvard 
Sears Cook7 Walker, (1805-1853); Mathematician and Astronomer
George8 Walker, (1824-1888); U. S. Consul-General in Paris, France, from 1880 to 1887
Gen. Francis Amasa8 Walker, (1840-1897); Civil War General; President of MIT
Col. Everett Worthington8 Foster, (1835-1933); Third Minnesota Regiment; Walker Family Researcher
(John) Calvin9 Coolidge, Jr., (1872-1933); 30th President of the United States
Nicholas9 Longworth, Jr., (1870-1931); Speaker of the U. S. House of Representatives
George W.12 Bush, (1946- ); 43rd President of the United States; (related through his mother)

This Walker family tree includes the following notable people who married descendants:
Sir Benjamin Thompson, also known as Count Rumford, (1753-1814); Physicist and Inventor; m. (1) Sarah5 (Walker) Rolfe
Samuel F. B. Morse, (1791-1872); Inventor of the Telegraph and Morse Code; m. (1) Lucretia Pickering7 Walker
Alice Roosevelt, (1884-1980); Daughter of Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States; m. Nicholas9 Longworth, Jr.
George H. W. Bush, (1924- ); 41st President of the United States; m. Barbara11 Pierce

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