04 April 2016

Family Heirloom: Uncle Bud's Railroad Pocket Watch

My Uncle "Bud" was Arthur Donald McNeill, born 6 May 1916 in Arnold, Custer, Nebraska, and died 22 November 1985, in Colorado City, Mitchell, Texas.  My father's much older half-brother by a different father.

Bud worked most of his life for the railroad in multiple capacities.  He did what they needed him to, where they needed him to do it.  "Company man."

This pocket watch is his official railroad watch, and he was required by his work to have it regularly serviced to keep accurate time.  It is an Elgin Rail Road model in a Rail Road case. It is a B W Raymond style, 21 jewel mechanism, in 12K gold.

Copyright © 2016 by Kevin W. Walker

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