14 April 2016

Little Mysteries in Grandpa's Little Black Book

One of the many things I inherited from the estate of my aunt Jenifer Cosgriff was one of my Grandpa Keith Walker's little black address books.  It is chock full of little pieces of paper with names, addresses and phone numbers, because the spaces in the book are all filled.  He had to use a large rubber band to hold it together and everything inside.  But then there are these inside as well, little newspaper clippings --

-- You can click on the image to enlarge so I am not going to bother transcribing them.  But why did my grandfather keep these?  Were they things he wanted to remember, or to show someone, or did he just find them interesting?

I have no idea.  Just another mystery to be figured out.

Copyright © 2016 by Kevin W. Walker

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