21 April 2016

Unofficial Marriage Certificate: Henry M. Walker, Jr. and Lucy M Chesley, 26 Oct 1884

This Certifies That
The Rite of
Holy Matrimony
Was Celebrated Between
Mr. Henry M. Walker of Osborn Co. Kans.
and Lucy Chesley of Osborn Co. Kans.
on 24 of October 1884 at her Fathers house
by J.C. Lawrence J.P.
Witness C.H. Chesley    Witness P.C. Chesley
I was going through my latest batch of papers to arrive from my aunt's estate and found this.  My heart jumped into my throat and my jaw hit the ground.  This was torn out of some sort of Family Bible with parts of the Gospel of Matthew still attached.

Lucy and Henry were my great-grandparents on my father's paternal side.  I believe they were in Kansas less than two years, on their way from Illinois to Nebraska where they finally settled.  The witnesses were Lucy's parents, Charles and Phoebe Chesley.

Lucy and Henry, married at home by a Justice of the Peace.  Their firstborn came eight months later.

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