16 June 2014

Amanuensis Monday: Civil War Letter of David Gibson to His Parents

The original is in the possession of  Naomi Segrid (Robert) Engle of Texas --
Murfreesboro, Tenn
Aug 3rd, 1862

Dear Father and Mother, 
I take this opportunity of writing you a few lines.  This leaves me well. 
We left Camp Molly Richardson Creek on the 30th day of July and marched to Reynolds Station on the Huntsville-Nashville Railroad and then took the cars to Nashville landing there on the morning of the second day of August.  We then started for this place.  We sent our wagons through the country of about sixty mules.  They have not yet arrived though it is not yet time for them to get in.  They will have some trouble probably before they get in.   
I think from the present times the Rebels will have some more tricks to come in here than they had this day four weeks ago.  They came in Sunday morning and took the commander out of his bed a prisoner, then advanced on the 2nd Michigan Regiment.  They fired on them twice, and they surrendered theirselves up to the Rebels.  They then charged on the battery who gave them a rather warm reception.  They came in full speed, the battery fired four rounds into them before they could check up to retreat.  They then backed out and came on the sides of them. They all faught bravely but they told them if they did not surrender, they would kill all of the prisoners that they had taken.  So, after a long and hard struggle, they surrendered. 
If they should come in now, we will not be asleep.  I have no more to write at this time.  You must write soon.   
David Gibson
David Gibson was my 2xg-grand uncle, and he was writing to my 3xg-grandparents Thomas and "Polly" (Martin) Gibson of Hart County, KY.

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