20 June 2014

Peter Casattas Mistook Sleuth for a Pickpocket (1910)

From THE SAN FRANCISCO CALL, Tuesday, September 13, 1910 --

Victim of Light Fingered Operator Errs in Identifying Detective as the Thief 
     P. Casattas, 464 1/2 Castro street, who was one of the victims of-pick-pockets Sunday night on a Market street car to the extent of $101, was in Police Judge Weller's court yesterday morning with Detective McLoughlin to see if he could recognize any of the three men who robbed him. His eyes fell upon Detective T. J. Curtis and he told McLoughlin he was one of the men.
     "Take a good look at him," said McLoughlin, "and be sure." Casattas walked around Curtis and reported to McLoughlin that he was satisfied he was right. "Will you swear to it?" asked McLoughlin and Casattas held up his right hand and said, "Ach Gott, yes. I swear."
     McLoughlin called to Curtis and explained what Casattas had sworn to, and when Curtis laughed and displayed his star Casattas nearly fainted, but it was with reluctance he admitted he might be mistaken.
     Among the victims of pickpockets during the parade Saturday night were Mrs. J. Sachau. 40 Eddy street, who was robbed of a diamond breastpin in Market street; E. M. Epstein, 2534 Bancroft way, Berkeley, of a purse and $14 and two checks for $9.56 in Market street; Mrs. L. O'Brien. 1502 Laguna street. of a gold watch in Market street; Mrs. Mae Adair Eddy of Sausalito, of a gold watch on a Valencia street car; A. C. Laveaga, 416 Mission street, of a diamond locket in Market street, and Mrs. D. R. Sessons, Flood building, of a gold watch in Market street, which was later returned by an unknown woman.
Peter Casattas was my wife's great-grandfather on her father's side.

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