13 June 2014

Family at the Funeral

Here is a picture of the Walker family relatives in attendance at the funeral for my uncle Ralph Keith Walker (1918-1969), in early March of 1969.

In front is Ralph's daughter, my living cousin.  Behind her, left to right, Arthur D. "Bud" Walker (1916-1985), my living father, the patriarch Keith G. Walker (1894-1980), Ralph's widow Florence "Betty" Walker (nee. Spurrier, 1920-2009),  Beulah "Lee" Wistrom (nee. Walker, 1907-1980), Judith "Judy" Walker (nee. Hawes, 1939-2012), Betty Strasheim (nee. Walker, 1924-2002), and lastly Ralph's youngest brother, my living uncle.

Copyright © 2014 by Kevin W. Walker

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