15 June 2015

Amanuensis Monday: Keith G. Walker's letter to May (Northup) Conn

This is my best attempt at an identical transcription.  My grandpa Keith was 79 when he wrote this and suffering for Parkinson's.  I kind of feel guilty for including all his grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors, but I also know it is necessary for identifying other things he may have written.  I will apologize to him face to face when I get to heaven.
July 1, 1973 
Dear Cousin May 
I expect you thought what I wrote you like I did I did not want to help you but was not that  I thought Lillie could help you more than I so mother's day I called Lillie's Girl Blanch Yerves(?) and asked her to see if Lillie could rember the trip from Nebraska but she could not Your Grand Pa Henry Chesley was bourn March 15 1860 in Illinois died December 14 1926 at 66 yr. 
Hattie Olly Chesley bourn July 7 1867 in Michigan died in 8 March 1938 age 70 she did not know where they were married but they moved to Kansas 1882 or 83  Lillie was bourn in Nicodemus Kansas Oct 14 1883 in 1887 or 1888 they moved to Nebraska  My folks was married in Osborn Kansas in Oct 26 1884 then they moved to near Arnold in 1886 then my Stept Father and his brothers came to Arnold he was Warren D Copeland but he went to Wyoming within 1890 and when your folks went to Montana  he stayed there for a while then came back to Arnold in 1896 0f 1897 and then he and my mother was married in 1899 and a good Father to us boys. 
His brother stay near Arnold the rest of his life I have a book that has the names of seven  They had 3 befor they left here I think it 1891 or 1892 when they left Arnold because my brother would tell about playing with the three if he was bourn in August of 1887. 
My dad Warren would tell about being in or Downs Beloit in Kansas  That is where my sister is buried I am not sure 
there Was Geo Chesley then Charles Chesley he was the first one to come to Arnold Nebr  Henry was the 4th of the Chesley family and Charles Chesley went to Washington near Tacoma or Buckley in Dec 1902  I remember but at one time Charles Henry then my folks and George Chesley all lived close together with in 3 miles. I hope to see you some time this year the Lord Willing  I would like to have these back when you get your copy 
Love Cousin Keith
This is another example of this family history blog paying me back for my work.  A third cousin was Googling his ancestors and found my blog.  He was in possession of this letter and asked me if I wanted it?  "Why-y su-re!" (Thank you Frank.)

Keith G. Walker was my grandfather, and May (Northup) Conn was his first cousin once removed.

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