25 June 2015

Newspaper Article on Phoebe Chesley's (1830-1928) 98th Birthday

From the Arnold (NE) Sentinel, February 10, 1928 --
A most notable event in the life of West Yucca Valley occurred Monday, February 6, 1928, when Grandma Chesley celebrated her 98th birthday in a quiet manner at the home of her daughter, Mrs W. D. Copeland, who with Mrs. Ida Barnes and Charles Chesley, the latter two of Prosser, Washington, the only three surviving out of eight children, while Grandma Chesley and her husband were each one of a family of eleven children, she being the only one remaining out of the twenty-two.  Besides her three children aged 74, 72, and 62 years, she has twenty-six grandchildren, seventy great-grandchildren and twelve great-great-grandchildren. 
Grandma Chesley was born in Plattsburgh, NY in 1830, she was married in 1848 and resided in New York until 1856 when she removed to Illinois, and in 1878 moved to Kansas where they resided until 1885, when they came to this community, living in Powell Canyon.  Mr. Chesley died about 22 years ago. 
Hosts of friends and relatives gave her a postal card and letter shower in remembrance of her 98th birthday, all hoping she will remain with us to celebrate the century mark.
Phoebe (Ward) Chesley was my 2xg-grandmother.  Unfortunately she passed away less than three weeks after the publication of this article.  The named "Mrs. W.D. Copeland" is my g-grandmother Lucy (Chesley) Walker Copeland (1866-1944).

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