02 June 2015

My Five-year Anniversary on FindaGrave.Com

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Happy anniversary to me!  Well, to be precise, I am not sure.  Yesterday the site said I had been a member for 4 years 11 months and 28 days.  Today it says 5 years 2 days.  Whatever, I presume it has been five years.

I am not a devoted user, there is always more that can be done to the memorials including adding more and more.  But I am a loyal user, I do what I can, and try to keep things up to date.  For me it is a nice companion to this family history blog.  I am honoring my ancestors, keeping my family informed, and occasionally drawing a cousin or two out of the woodwork.

Without a doubt, the best part of Find a Grave are the photo volunteers.  What a treasure it is to have these selfless individuals to go out into a cemetery thousands of miles from where I live, locate a grave, and take a picture of my relative or ancestor for me.  I try to reciprocate and take pictures for other users when I can.

Without a doubt the worst part of Find a Grave are the users who treat accumulating memorials as a competition, and create memorials for strangers before a family member even has a chance to.  Very sad.

There are other positives and other negatives, I guess that is the way with anything in life.  But with Find a Grave the scale overall comes down on the positive side.  Using Find a Grave is a keeper.

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