27 June 2015

G-Grandpa Gibson owned an "Empire 20?"

From The Chanute Daily Tribune, Chanute, Kansas, Mon, Dec 26, 1910 --
Charles Gibson and Earl Bogle went to Chanute Sunday in Mr. Gibson's Empire 20, and S. M. Pickens went in his remodeled Model 10 Buick.
"Empire 20" automobile?  What the heck is that?  Well howdy, howdy!  A picture and an advertisement for the 1910 Empire 20 --

(Click to Enlarge.)
Here is the entry at Wikipedia, not a lot there --
Empire (1910 automobile):
The Empire was an American automobile manufactured from 1910 until 1919. Marketed as "the little aristocrat", the Empire 20 was a four-cylinder shaft-driven runabout built in Indianapolis. The model "A" was a conventional runabout for three passengers with a rumble seat. The model "B" had two bucket seats, a longer hood and was geared higher to attain faster speeds.
I had never heard of such a vehicle!  No record yet if he owned the Model "A" or the Model "B." Charles Lewis Gibson (1858-1938) was my great-grandfather on my mother's paternal side.

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