07 June 2015

Gibson Family Bible: Births

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C.L. Gibson was born January 26, 1855
Ella Gibson was born July 31, 1865
Ira Gibson was born June 28, 1890
Leo Gibson was born September 18, 1892
Leslie Gibson was born August 5, 1894
June Gibson was born January 8, 1897
Emma Gibson was born September 3, 1898
Stacy Gibson was born September 17, 1900
Bruce Gibson was born June 5, 1902
Wallace Gibson was born December 16, 1905
This is my great-grandfather's family.  Bruce Gibson was my grandfather.  I don't know who has the original copy of this Bible.  I have a copy of a copy that was made decades ago in negative.  I don't even know who has the original copy in negative!  But these copies were given to all the family forty-years ago.  My mom had one, my aunt had one, her cousins each had one.  The writing is in all one hand so I think the dates were entered at once and not over time. The dates match other records except for my great-grandfather Charles Lewis Gibson's birth year.  It is actually 1858.  But research shows he lied about his age frequently.

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