26 May 2014

Amanuensis Monday: Belgian Hare Meat

From the Kansas Semi-Weekly Capital, Topeka, KS, December 28, 1900 (click to enlarge) --

E.W. Howe's report on Belgian Hare meat as a substitute for beef: "The editor of the Globe yesterday dined on the Duke of Burgundy, son of Harold the Mighty, a Belgian hare sent by William Gurwell, postmaster at Fanning.  A good many Belgian hares have been sold in this section at high prices, but so far as we know this is the first one eaten.  Belgian hare meat is very much like plain rabbit, and no one eats rabbit except the boys that kill them.  The Duke of Burgundy was young and fat, but not very much superior to ordinary cotton tail, except that he was not shot up."
William Gurwell of the article is my 2xg-grand uncle.

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