05 May 2014

Amanuensis Monday: From Family Researcher to Family Researcher -- "Cousins"

This is the transcription of a letter from my g-grand aunt Jennie (Hill) Long to her cousin and fellow McKee family researcher James O. McKee, Jr. (click to enlarge) -- 

El Dorado, Kansas
May 23, 1966 
Dear Cousin:
I was so glad to hear form you.  I am almost the youngest of 27 grand children of William McKee and wife Sarah Moore of Eureka, Illinois (Woodford, County) and the line is Guian McKee, Snr., (1).,Guian McKee, Jnr.,(2).,William (Billy) McKee.,(3).,and Miriam (McKee) Hall,.(4).,of El Dorado, Ks., and I am the only one of the 27 of the 5th generation who ever joined the D.A.R. or S.A.R., organizations.  I joined on the Charles Moore and Sarah (Moore) McKee who was a real daughter of Charles Moore Revolutionary Soldier of North Carolina who was only 18 years old in the battle of Kings Mountain which turned the cause for the Colonists.  I'm chuck full of History and my youngest grandson finished Boot training on Friday last, the 20th.  Is home for a week but I don't know where to next.  He didn't enlist for Combat.  He's a Hi School grad, a grad of Drury College of Springfield, Missouri, and has one year of Law at Washburn at Topeka, Kansas, said he wouldn't be drafted.  He passed the mental test for the Pentagon.  So we are waiting. 
Guian McKee was born in Scotland, I'd like all data on Abigail Lane, his wife, so as to complete my supplemental lines.  Guian's son William married an Adams of Kentucky and came to Danville, Illinois, and Guian's son, Guian, Jnr., and wife Mary Hays of Bowling Green, Kentucky, his parents.  At death of his father, came to his uncle William of Danville, got to Eureka, Illinois, was in the Black Hawk War with Abraham Lincoln, and in Jefferson Davis Company.  And Abraham Lincoln spent Sunday at their home whenever in the vicinity.  I'll be glad to exchange data.  There have been many events in their lives.  I've consulted the Genealogical Shelf in the Wichita Kansas Library plus magazines etc,., and have many places vacant to fill. 
I see you are located on the Miss-River.  My father of Yankee extraction, served 4 years in the Civil War, was wounded at Jackson, Miss., the Federal Hospital at Keokuk, Iowa had him for 3 months.  He later joined his Company and in all served 4 years.  I was raised on History.  I hope to hear from you again.  Guian was in the 8th Pennsylvania to fight the Indians in Western Pennsylvania and was needed so bad he was moved to Valley Forge. 
very sincerely,
Jennie M. Long
Added by J.O.M. -- Jennie M. (Hall) Long was descended from Guian McKee, Jnr., and his wife Mary (Hays) McKee of Fleming County, Kentucky
I don't know where to begin.  My great-grand aunt Jennie was eighty-seven years old when she wrote this.  She took her family history seriously, everything she has reported as factual, that I have been able to check out, has proven to be factual.  But I am unable to yet concur on some of her assertions in this letter.  My research so far says William McKee of McLean County was in the Fifth Regiment, Captain Covell's Company;  Abraham Lincoln commanded a company in the Fourth Regiment, and Jefferson Davis was in the First Regiment and was on leave through most all of the Black Hawk War.  The comment about Guian McKee and Valley Forge does not make any sense yet.  And how could I ever document Abraham Lincoln being tight with the McKees?!

But I wouldn't put it past Jennie to have it all documented.  I am seeking out her descendants looking for copies of her research.

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