09 May 2014

SCORE!!! Genealogy Happy Dances All Around -- Meet my 3xG-Grandparents! (Picture)

William McKee (1810-1873) and his wife Sara (nee. Moore, 1817-1895), found in the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, Springfield, Illinois (click to enlarge).

Research is ongoing, but I couldn't wait to brag about it.  It was apparently donated to the IL State Library by their daughter and my 2xg-grand Miriam (McKee) Hall, or her daughter and my g-grand aunt Jennie (Hall) Long.  After the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library was built, it was transferred over there from the IL State Library, and it was at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library where it was found.   More to follow.

The date on the back says "1883" but we know William died in 1873.  We are guessing circa 1870, maybe earlier.

To give you a sense of the age, William was too old to fight in the Civil War of the 1860s.  He fought in the Black Hawk War of 1832.  Sarah's father fought in the Revolutionary War.

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