24 May 2014

Surname Saturday: McKee

From page 528 of The Surnames of Scotland: Their Origin, Meaning, and History by George F. Black, as transcribed by James O. McKee in his book Descendants of Guian, McKee, Snr. and Abigail Lane, and Allied Families (self-published, 1979) --
MACKIE. This name is of considerable antiquity in Sterlingshire, and can be traced in Stirling to the fifteenth century. William Makke, charter witness in a Scone charter, 1491 (Scone, p. 199). John Make was 'Factour and inbringer of all annualis pertenyn to Sir John Patonsoun in Stirling, 1520 (SBR). Andrew Makky was burgess of Stirling, 1574 (RPC., ii, p. 418). Donald McCay in Porte of Locharne to answer to charge of violence and robbery, 1592, (RPC., v, p. 27). The Mackies of Mid Calloway, a powerful and prosperous family of the sixteenth and first half of the seventeenth century, were enthusiastic supporters of the Covenanters. Vthreid McKie in Innermessene was accused of slaughter, 1606 (Trials, ii, p. 515). Alexander Makkie of Stranord, 1628 (Retours, Kirkceudbright, 173). McKie, McKee, McKey, Makie, Kee, all 1684 (Parish). Cf. MACKAY and MACKIESON.
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