20 May 2014

Tombstone Tuesday: Wallace "Hoot" Gibson (1905-1968)

No, not that "Hoot Gibson."  Have you ever checked to see how many "Hoot Gibsons" there are?  My gosh!  All it takes is one famous actor and everyone falls in line, in the case of my relative it was a nickname.

Wallace "Hoot" Gibson was my great-uncle.  I remember attending his funeral, that is all I remember.  I remember being told that he wasn't the famous actor he was a football player.  So I thought the adults meant a "famous" football player.  No, not that either.  He was just a hard laborer, mostly on oil fields and logging camps, along with his father and brothers.

I actually owe Uncle Hoot a lot.  It is his DNA through his living son, that I have used to trace my mom's Gibson surname.  That would make him smile.

Hoot was born Dec. 16, 1905 in Rose, Kansas and died Jul. 18, 1968 in Berkeley, California.  He is buried with his wife "Cindy" in Concord, CA.  They had two sons Don Wallace Gibson (1932-1979) and another living.

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