02 May 2014

Emma Waggoner Calkins Boll (nee. Gibson, 1898-1975)

My grand-aunt Emma.  My mom's aunt on her father's side.  Everyone loved Emma.  She was charming and giving, loving and caring, especially for her family.

She grew up around men.  She was the middle child with two older brothers and two younger brothers.  Her mom died when she was only twenty, and only had her father.  She was married three times.  I was told she did not have good taste in men until her last husband Gordon Boll.  With her second husband she had her only son Walter Delbert Calkins, Jr. (1919-1998).  There were no closer mother and son.  She spoiled him, and he worshiped her.

Emma was an extremely talented artist.  She made little coffee mugs for my younger brother and I after he was born.  Handpainted them, and wrote our names on them.  Perhaps my greatest regret is not taking better care of that mug.  I have lost track where it is or what happened to it.

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