14 April 2014

Amanuensis Monday: More about Moore (Charles, 1763-1839)

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August 17, 1927

Mrs. John E. Long
208 S. Topeka St.
El Dorado, Kans


I have to advise you from the papers in the Revolutionary War pension claim W. 24005, it appears that Charles Moore was born January 11, 1763 in Hanover County, Virginia.

While residing in Rowan County, Salisbury District, North Carolina, he enlisted and served as a private in the North Carolina Troops, as follows --

From February 1779, three months in Captain James Craig's Company, under Major Mountflorance; from July 1780, three months in Captain Benjamin Smith's Company, Colonel Mathew Brandon's Regiment, and was in the battle of King's Mountain; and six months in Captain Robert Glasby's Company, no dates given.

He was allowed pension on his application executed June 3, 1833, while a resident of McLean County, Illinois.  He died September 18, 1839.

Soldier married April 2 or 12, 1793 in or near Salisbury, Rowan County, North Carolina, Martha, her maiden name is not stated.

She was allowed pension on her application executed July 29, 1843, while a resident of Woodford County, Illinois, aged sixty-nine years.

Children --

William C. born February 3, 1794.
John A. born March 18, 1796.
Alice C. born June 3, 1799.
Priscilla born February 2, 1803.
Mary born February 4, 1805.
Hugh C. born March 18, 1808.
Josiah born April 15, 1810.
Alfred born April 27, 1813.
Sarah born January 11, 1817.


E.W. MORGAN, Acting Commissioner

Martha Cunningham was born Nov 22 1773 and died April 15th (Handwritten with notation to indicate this is the Martha mentioned in the text.)

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