30 April 2014

Reported Death of Frederic J. Hall, Oct. 28, 1926

From the Richmond Times-Dispatch, October 29, 1926 --

Roanoke Man Loses Life 
GAFFNEY, S.C., Oct. 28 -- Fred Hall, Roanoke, Va., driver of a public service automobile operating between Roanoke and Tampa, Fla., was killed instantly today when his car turned over on a curve between Gaffney and Blacksburg, two passengers escaping without serious injury.  Hall's body was brought to a local funeral parlor.  The party was enroute to Tampa.
Frederic J. Hall (1874-1926) was my great-grand uncle, an older brother to Elsie Rue (Hall) Surpluss my great-grandmother on my mother's maternal side.

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