08 April 2014

Family Treasures, Take II

About forty-years ago my grandmother Thelma Gibson (nee Surpluss) knitted a matching toboggan cap and a scarf for me. She passed away twenty-three years ago, age eighty-seven. That cap and and scarf are two of my most prized possessions. It turns out she knitted some elastic into the cap and over the years it dried out, lost its elasticity, and it eventually broke.  Today it poked through the knitting, and I pulled it out. There at the end was a knot. A knot she tied. From her generation to me; From her to me, a knot.  I smiled seeing it.

I am guessing there are two types of people in this world, those who understand this little story, and those who don't.

Copyright © 2014 by Kevin W. Walker

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