08 April 2014

Family Treasures

I didn't inherit a lot of material possessions from my maternal grandparents Bruce and Thelma Gibson, living 2000 miles away meant me being limited in what I requested and even that being a subset of what I could remember them owning.  I did get some handmade items from my grandmother, and a hunting rifle from my grandfather.  Those were the items that mattered the most to me so I am content.

But perhaps what matters to me even more is an item from the wall in their entryway.  For whatever reason, my grandmother selected this for me to have, and sent it to me before she passed --

-- it is a framed copy of "It Couldn't Be Done" by Edgar Guest.  It isn't worth anything monetarily, but it has priceless value to me.  My aunt tells me everyone in the family wanted it, and wondered where it had gone?  And for whatever reason my grandmother selected me to have it.

Needless to say it is those items that turn out to be of real value.  "Family treasures."

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