15 April 2014

More about Moore (Charles, 1763-1839) Part 2

From El Paso Story: The Centennial Book of El Paso, Illinois (Illinois: Heartland Bank & Trust Company, 1954) --
MOORE, Adam – Son of William Campbell Moore, who came from Ohio to Kansas Twp. around 1833 or possibly earlier.
MOORE, Alfred and Mary Ann – Alfred was the son of Charles Moore, the Revolutionary War veteran who built Moore's Mill. This son was probably associated with his father and uncles in the Panther Creek settlement. He patented part of the NW 1/4 of Section 6 in Kansas Twp. on February 1, 1837.
MOORE, Charles and Martha – It was Charles and his sons and brothers who formed the "Panther Creek" settlement and built the first water powered grist mill in the entire area in 1830, near the Ancil Shoup home in south Palestine Twp. He had previously settled in the Walnut Grove (Eureka area) in 1826. Charles Moore was a Revolutionary War veteran and was killed in a run-away accident, September 18, 1839, showing that buggies were also dangerous. He was shipped to a former home and buried at Ewington, Summit Twp., Effingham County, Illinois. Some historians have said his mill one mile northwest of Bowling Green was the first water-powered mill in Woodford County. He is believed the father of Alfred and Josiah Moore.
MOORE, Joseph and Mrs. Almira Patrick – Joseph lived in Greene Twp. in the 1830's and married Almira, the widow of Winslow Patrick. He is not the Joseph Moore who was El Paso's first Mayor.
MOORE, Joseph H. and (1) Juliet Helm (1816-1868), (2) Nancy – Joseph was El Paso's first Mayor after the City was incorporated under special charter in 1867. Also served as City's seventh postmaster, March 3, 1868 to January 22, 1880, and for many years thereafter as Justice of the Peace. He had been sheriff of McLean County before moving here about 1858. He purchased the NE 1/4 of Section 20, El Paso Twp. on May 13, 1858. A daughter, Elizabeth, married a Willis. He was born in 1814 and died at El Paso in 1904.
MOORE, Josiah and Jane A. Patrick (Radford) – They lived in Palestine around 1830. Josiah was one of the first three County Commissioners named to govern the new Woodford County in 1841, drawing the three year term. Joseph Meek and James Boys (first Woodford County postmaster in 1836 – three miles north of Metamora) were the other two Commissioners. Meek had also been in the county since around 1836. Josiah Moore purchased W 1/2 of the NW 1/4 of Section 28 in Greene Twp. on January 10, 1838.
MOORE, William Campbell and Sarah – William was an Ohioan by birth, who came to Sangamon County, Illinois in 1812, and to Walnut Grove (Eureka area) in 1826. He is believed to be a brother of Charles Moore, as he moved to the Panther Creek settlement and was associated with him and the first water-powered mill there. He moved into El Paso Twp. after a few years, and finally to Montgomery Twp. where he died. He patented the SW 1/4 of Section 25 in Greene Twp. on May 23, 1836, and may have also lived there for a time. He was the father of Adam Moore.
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