07 April 2014

Amanuensis Monday: Resignation Letter of Judge Alexander Wright (1746-1838)

Mahoning Creek Mercer Coun May 13, 1829. 
Dear Sir, 
I have served as associate judge for the county of Mercer ever since it was first organized.  I now feel the debilitating influence of old age: and as you are the organ of the Commonwealth to make or unmake her offices I pray your Excellency to accept my Resignation of the office of Judge for the County of Mercer. and you will confer a favour on your humble servant.

Alex Wright 
His Excellency J.A. Shulze
Governor of Pennsylvania

Alexander Wright was my 5xg-grandfather. (Alexander Wright -> Elizabeth Wright -> Alexander Porter -> Samuel Porter -> Camilla Porter -> Mattie Needham -> living father -> Kevin).

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