02 April 2014

Local Newspaper Notices a Visit to Sis

From page 2 of the Freeport Journal-Standard (Freeport, IL) Tuesday, October 22, 1940 --

In October of 1940, Henry Walker, Jr. was 76 years old and living in Lena, IL.  His older sister Letta Clarke (nee. Walker) was a widow, age 83, and living in Greenwood, IL, just outside of Woodstock.  Lena to Greenwood was approximately 90 miles.  Freeport, IL is the largest of the three towns, and situated inbetween Lena and Greenwood, neighboring Lena.  Interesting that it is Freeport that records the visit.

The paper misspells Letta's married name as "Clark."  Common mistake.

Research possibility: Check Woodstock paper for record of visit.

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